A proven Development Process

Ondigital has developed a proven 6 step process that assures delivery and integration of an optimal digital platform. At each stage we input the talents and insight of each of our dedicated team of strategists, creatives, programers, social media and user experience experts.



Development Stages

  • 1- Discovery

    We love to listen to our clients ambitions and challenges. Together we define your goals and identify the opportunities ahead. Achieving this means working closely with you to become an extension to your brand with a focus on internal business needs, external competitive analysis and what your customers ultimately value.


    • Brand emersion
    • Competitive analysis
    • Key influencer  analysis
    • Research
    • Opportunity identification
  • 2- Strategy and Planning

    This stage we often find is all important. With your objectives tested and in place we move to identify the optimal way to create a platform that will deeply engage with your customers and be in line with existing brand positioning.

    To stay on track we construct a strategic road map and finalise the Statement of Work which ensures our people and yours work in unison and towards the common goal. KPI’s and development milestones are integrated into the plan at this stage.


    • Digital Strategy
    • Technology integration
    • Social Media Strategy
    • Project Planning and SOW
    • Milestone and KPI establishment
  • 3- Platform Design

    At this stage we hand over to our creative and development teams to commence the design phase. Their objective is simply to create the best possible user experience for your audience and ensure sustainable, meaningful, sharable engagement.

    We also bring in our content team at this point to develop the visual element including any multimedia and video content requirement.


    • Platform design and branding extension
    • UX/IA design
    • Copywriting 
    • Photography
    • Multimedia/video
    • Interactive tool development
  • 4- Platform Build

    Bringing design concepts to life is always the most exciting phase in development. We understand that today this means far more than just the visual component online. To create a true interactive and meaningful experience  across mobile, tablet and browser that will last time and time again requires more. 

    Within this build phase integrate components such as eCommerce, SEO strategy, page analysis, key word building, social tagging and other tactical assets that help drive active visitation and high user satisfaction.


    • Content Management System (CMS)
    • Hosting requirements
    • Search engine optimisation and management
    • Ecommerce
    • Platform front/backend development
  • 5- Platform Implementation and Optimisation

    Prior to launching any platform comes the need for rigorous quality assurance testing across all devices that will be used by your audience.  Through rigorous stress testing we ensure the highest quality experience for users wherever and whenever they access the platform.


    • User testing across all devices
    • Implementation analytics
    • App submission
    • Social integration 
  • 6- Review and Evolution

    There is nothing as exciting than the day we launch a new app or site  for a client. But the reality is that this is just the start. After launch we take care in listening, learning and fine tuning what the userverse is saying allowing us to continually evaluate and evolve your digital presence and depth of engagement.


    • CMS fine tune
    • Insight assessment
    • Publicising
    • KPI review