Todays consumer continues to disrupt the way brands and organisations interact with their consumers like we have never seen before. Whilst more organisations are seeking ROI and more innovative experiences around brand, ecommerce and social media, consumers are equally demanding meaningful, more relevant and ongoing experience with the brands they love.

This new, constantly connected world has revolutionised day to day life for consumers and diluted the effectiveness of traditional marketing approaches for many brands.

The reality is that this new environment requires new thinking and a new approach to engagement. An approach that eliminates the divide between technology and creativity that recognises the ‘always-on’ world and how to create meaningful interaction between brands and their consumers.

The new consumers brand relationship is all about a complex, interconnected and ongoing experience across multiple channels. We see the the most successful brands as having great stories that are on going, providing high value experiences anywhere and anytime from initial approach to transaction and beyond.

At Ondigital we increasingly see digital as the centre of consumer behaviour and with this, an unprecedented opportunity to grow brands with a deep and meaningful relationships with their customers.

In 2012, Ondigital launched a new model based around a ‘Digital Ecosystem’ that was designed to help brands bridge the digital divide between the virtual and physical worlds, breaking down the mentality of established traditional marketing approaches .

A digital ecosystem for your organisation is represented by the combination of all relevant traditional and digital touch points, the people that interact across them and the business processes and technology environment that supports both.