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How Journey Mapping Deepens Customer Understanding - ADMA

If you find it challenging to understand some of your customers’ actions (like that old abandoned cart issue many of us grapple with), you’re not alone. But it’s where a customer journey map will help you immensely.
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What is UI Design and why is it important?

It’s so important these days to really  understand the important balance between interactive technology and user friendly design.
User Interface Design in Information Technology refers to the design of the user interface for software, websites or applications. It’s about programming the look of things, with a view to facilitating usability and to improve the user experience.
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Digital Trends in 2020

2020 represents a period in history where digital marketing and communication can no longer be ignored. The time when companies could simply rely on a good looking website and Facebook page have passed, now, the landscape is changing so rapidly it’s a month on month digital channel evolution.
2020 represents an extraordinary time of new and advanced technologies, engaging online tools and a fresh way of looking at the customer experience. Wow! what an exciting time we live in!
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The Top 5 Digital Trends

It’s getting that time of year again when we start to hear from everyone in the digital space about what the new year will bring. One article we aspire to and agree was recently published in Forbes Magazine by Shama Kabani.

Here are the Top 5 Digital Trends you can look forward to for 2014.

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Trends in Responsive Design


Responsive design is the hot topic for 2013. We’ve moved beyond mobile and finally reached the point where companies are accepting the fact that the best ROI comes from fully integrated marketing programs. It’s hard to fully integrate when your website is a convoluted mess of versions for different devices or worse, a single version that renders poorly on different devices.

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User Experience Design Trends

There’s are three technology trends, one in hardware and two others in software, that are combining to create the conditions in which web developers are working. These conditions are the basis for our Web Design Trends.

1. Users are increasingly using multiple screens. At a bare minimum they have a computer and a PC. Tablets and video game consoles also have to be considered. This creates a real need for websites to be viewed on screens both small and large.

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