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What is UI Design and why is it important?

It’s so important these days to really  understand the important balance between interactive technology and user friendly design.
User Interface Design in Information Technology refers to the design of the user interface for software, websites or applications. It’s about programming the look of things, with a view to facilitating usability and to improve the user experience.
Put simply, a user interface is the features of a device or an application that allow a user to interact with it. For example let’s say you are completing a business contact form on a website, your user interface, in this case, would consist of a text box, a drop-down list, a button and any other component which would allow you to enter your data into the company’s system.
The Importance of a Well Thought-out  User Interface in Website Design.
From our experience with impactful UI, we know that a good User Interface is important in the sense that it makes it easier for your target audience to clearly see what your services or products are. It is designed in a way to display the services that you offer without ambiguity, in order to draw your visitors’ attention and keep them on your site.
Simply put, a good User Interface is important because it can turn potential visitors to buyers as it facilitates interactions between the user and your website or web application.
In reality, UI is quite an intricate field that involves anticipating the user preferences and then creating an interface that understands and fulfils those preferences. The  UI not only focuses on the aesthetics but also improves responsiveness, efficiency, and accessibility of a website. A good User Interface Design presents a seamless blend of visual design, interaction design, and information bluprinting:
    • Visual Design
Visual design improves a site’s cometic value by strategically implementing elements such as colours, fonts, and images among other things. When professionally done, visual design makes a page elegant without compromising on its function or content.
    • Interactive design
The interactive design looks at how users interact with technology. It then uses the understanding of such interactions to create an interface with behaviours that are well thought-out. Excellent interactive design not only anticipates how a person interacts with a system but also antedates and fixes problems in good time. It may also invent new ways through which a system interacts and responds to users.
    • Information Architecture
Information architecture is designed to help users find the info they need to complete various tasks. It, therefore, involves labelling, structuring, and organising the web content in a manner that makes it easily accessible and sustainable. UI is the high value part of the mobile app design.

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