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Web Development

At Ondigital we pride ourselves in having a team of some of the best developers, designers, UX specialists and creatives available. We build world class cross channel platforms that utilise leading edge technology and methodology that result in meaningful online experiences.

Unlike many development teams we look for talent with experience and our team has a rich pedigree with brands such as Oracle, Accenture, IBM, Apple and Google. We understand the best outcomes from what we build come form great technology, great creative and insight that can only come from experience.


Design and Development Scoping

Our design and development methodology is designed to fully understand your need online. We challenge, propose, brainstorm, test and base our development on a total 360˚ understanding of your business.

Our 6 stage development staging is designed to deliver the optimal digital platform to drive engagement and brand experience. we believe in a fluid approach that assumes your brands online experience should be in constant evolution and development to remain relevant and meaningful.

Read more about our development staging (links to our ‘process page’)

We use the worlds leading CMS Platforms

Ondigital has certified experience working with major Content Management Systems (CMS) and development platforms especially eCommerce. We use both our own proprietary platform as well as open source and we actively contribute to the Drupal development community.

We have a wealth of experience in online asset origination, building proprietary platforms and development environments for top 500 companies.

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ECommerce Development

After more than a decade of platform building we understand online user experience second to none. Whether its browser, tablet or mobile we know how to bring your brand alive in the most relevant and enduring way.

Our platform design is experience, insight and research based and encourage social sharing and conversation. We also understand the importance of integration with existing IT systems especially when it comes to eCommerce.

Mobile App Development

Mobile apps have exploded over the last 12 months as more and more brands identify the value of this digital asset to deepen consumer engagement. Whether you seek a native Android or IOS or perhaps web based application depends on many factors. Your app may be purely functional or perhaps game based. We're her to identify the need and architecture that compliments your brand and objectives.

Ondigital follows a detailed and proved design and implementation formula to app development, paying particular attention to the launch phase and ongoing promotional strategy.

Responsive Design

The consumer now demands content that is accessible across multiple devices and screen sizes. Ondigital specialises in responsive technology and associated content both of which optimises the user experience. Don’t think mobile alone think mobile, tablet and browser. 

“Research is showing 80% of all mobile user time is from apps, 20% from browser”

VentureBeat 2013

75% of mobile users use their mobile for shopping and 9 in 10 mobile searches result in a purchase” Nielsen 2013