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Virtually every brand should be integrating Social Media into their marketing mix. The advent of social provides a great opportunity for brands to engage with their target audiences through conversations about their brand. Ondigital has one of the best Social Media teams and our thinking is practical and proven. We take a staged and analytical approach to help you design a meaningful and measurable social strategy.


Ondigital Socialscaping

Social Media is about the now, conversations that are constantly changing and evolving around your brand which require ongoing monitoring and management. Ondigital has adopted a concept called Socialscaping to address this need for clients.

We will work with you to structure a staged social media strategy that produces a positive impact on your brand from increased brand awareness, new customer acquisition to improved customer service from Twitter or Facebook.

Benefits of social branding

  • Increased traffic to your website
  • Greater favorable perceptions of your brand
  • increased awareness of your organisation
  • Better understanding of your brand and what it stands for
  • Improved customer services and issues handling
  • Ability to monitor conversations and gauge sentiment about your brand

Channel Integration

To achieve the best results from your brands social media activity requires the successful and sustainable integration into your existing marketing and communications strategy.

Initially, Ondigital will help build your social strategy and channel selection and integrate in the process with your existing capabilities and human resourcing. Stage two involves actively building your online communities, providing ongoing training and social media council and policy development. This is one area we love to partner with our clients in.

Targeted Social Media Services

  • Social Media Strategy and channel selection
  • Social content creation
  • Community identification and building
  • Brand reputation management
  • Social media optimisation and management
  • Social media audit, education and policy development

Social networking accounts for 25% of the time we spend online.

Companies who widely engage in Social Media surpass their competitors in both revenue and profit.

Tweets, Facebook Posts and your LinkedIn profile can all be leveraged to build and improve Google Search Ranking.