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Every day, all over the world more than 4 billion videos are watched. Its no wonder video has become the most popular way to engage online. We believe there’s nothing more powerful than the spoken word especially when its experienced in the palm of the hand.

Many of Australia’s leading Innovative schools are discovering the potential in personal and real time communication that’s shareable. There’s a real art to bringing stories to life in a way that moves people, surprises them and even inspires them. At Ondigital our artists are the researchers, writers, designers and developers and some of the best cinematographers around. We understand the value of story telling and how to empower your message in the most personal way...it’s that sweet spot that sits between technology and marketing and a place that changes how people see and feel about you. Ultimately it’s about your great idea together with our passion and creativity to deliver moving and memorable experiences. It’s what were all about!