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Digital Asset Success & Insight Analytics

Analytics and measurability are crucial to a successful online management strategy. Whether this is content management, web engagement, or a fully integrated enterprise management solution, the outcome is the same: Without effective analytics overseeing the outcome of your online platforms, systems and strategies, how do you measure your brands connection with key audiences and overall success?

You need to know as much as possible about your audience, gaining enough information to create an optimal user experience regardless of device.

Ondigital’s integrated online analytics solutions and campaign management include a detailed set up of all digital assets including websites and social media platforms that goes beyond the basics of Google Analytics.

Our analytics specialists have worked with many large and small scale analytics and customer insight implementations. We will ensure you have the advantages of the latest Google Analytics features, your own historical data and our insight to provide reliable, accurate, and relevant data to make your brands online marketing ROI-driven.

Analytic Modules

SEO and SEM:

We will ensure your online presence is optimised in any Google Search particularly on mobile.

Conversion Tracking:

We will identify and set up online goals (the key things you want people to do on your website) in Google Analytics.

Google AdWords:

We will confirm your AdWords is correctly linked and that your paid search traffic is being correctly reported by Google Analytics.

E-commerce Transactions:

If you are transacting online we will work with you to set up e-commerce reports, so you have sales data inside Google Analytics.

Profiles and Filters:

We will set up Google Analytics so you aren't tracking your own visits to your website, through to advanced needs.

Multiple Domain Tracking:

If your website uses multiple domains (or sub-domains) we will establish visitor measures as they navigate between domains.

Forms Tracking:

We will put measures in place so you can see how people are using the forms on your website.

Tracking Downloads and Links:

We can help you automatically track links and files so you can quickly identify where people are going and what they are downloading.

Advanced Measurement Modules:

  • CRM Integration
  • Event and Promotion tracking
  • Custom Dashboards and Reporting
  • Mobile Apps
  • Campaign sites