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OnDigital, your partner in online engagement

Achieving the right balance between great design, leading technology and achieving your goals.

OnDigital is at the forefront of new and emerging digital technologies in the school sector, and has been for the past decade. With a strong tack record working with Australia’s leading independent schools, OnDigital has created the ‘Digital School ecosystem’, a powerful system of digital enabled tools and platforms to meet the different needs of all schools.

Fundamentally we are strategically minded, design led, human centred and service focused.

OnDigital brings together unique thinking; insight and deep understanding on how people engage with technology. This is coupled with a breadth of experience in integrating the ‘digital world’ within the school and community environment.


The OnDigital team comprises of the ‘best in the business’ thinkers and specialists including:

  • Digital Strategy and Marketing
  • Graphic Design
  • Platform development and programming
  • Social Media strategy 
  • Content design and production
  • Multimedia and video production 
  • Research and analytics
  • Training and implementation support 

“At OnDigital, we think differently. We have a strong reputation for building bespoke and successful platforms from leading technology and using some of the best specialists in the business.”