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The OnDigital Partnership Program is designed to provide staff with support and resources from the launch and beyond.

Beyond the scoping and build of your digital platform, OnDigital offers a comprehensive program of support, training and other value added services. We understand the transition into the ‘digital’ channel can be a daunting one but it needn’t be.

We are your digital partner

We are there as your digital partner and provide the following services to assist you along the way:

  • Pre-documented policy guidelines for online security, social media, privacy and more
  • Comprehensive training and one-on-one focus sessions for CMS management
  • Custom User Guides and manual
  • Annual training and support line
  • Annual software and technology updates where required
  • Quarterly user insights and analysis Google analytics and reporting
  • School domain search engine optimisation
  • Secure and fully compliant hosting, monitoring and back-up, on or offsite