Social Media

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Social Media is about the now, conversations that are constantly changing and evolving around your school brand.  For many schools social media continues to be an area of confusion and curiosity. There are many example of how this channel can significantly support a school brand and communications objectives. To assist schools in their social media objectives, Ondigital has adopted a concept called Socialscaping to address this ‘social’ need in the education sector.

We will work with you to structure a staged social media strategy, appropriate platforms and content that produces a positive impact on your school brand and objectives.

Social Media Features and Benefits:

  • Social media audit, education and policy development
  • Social networking sites including Facebook and LinkedIn
  • Video and photo sharing web sites including Pinterest, Flickr and Youtube
  • Blogs, including school research blogs and sporting blogs
  • Forums, discussion boards and groups, for example, Google groups
  • Vod and podcasts