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Empowering your school community with real-time information wherever they are.

The Parent App has been developed to meet the demands made on schools to deliver real-time information to parents, students and the broader school community, wherever they are.

The Parent App can be configured as a native app, or alternatively, as a web app. Unlike many other school apps that still link news and other content to a website, our platform reformats content professionally and seamlessly across all mobile, tablet and browser devices.

The OnDigital Parent App is a high value digital asset for any school wanting real-time connection to their community. It is designed to work as a native app or web app depending on your requirements.

School APP Features


Beautifully format news content for your community using the school mobile app and tablet. Users can filter relevant content and socially share from this industry leading module.

Sports Fixtures

Designed by school sports directors to effectively schedule games and manage teams as well as alert community members of roster changes and results.


A simple and streamlined alerts tool for communicating to your entire school community or targeted groups. Formatted to your school app for sports, events, updates and more.

Contacts directory

Users can search the school directory and quickly email or call directly from their school app with the touch of a button.

Virtual tours and mapping

Present your school in the most interactive and engaging way with digital maps and tours. Map options include Google maps, animated and virtual tour maps.

Social Media linkage

We will work with you to implement a structured, staged social media strategy, that produces a positive impact on your school brand.

Calendar of Events

The Events & Calendar Module allows schools to streamline all important dates into a single resource for parents, students and the broader community.

Class timetables

A simple and reliable class and event timetable module designed for students, parents and teachers to quickly access personal class times, teacher information, lesson location and subject details.