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The Connected Social Parent Opportunity

A new parent and communication need

The emergence of the ‘connected’ parent, new technologies, plus the impact of smartphones and social media, are all influencing how schools must now shift the how, when and where of community engagement and communication. Fundamentally parents behaviours have changed and they now seek a new form of online, real time communication across multiple devices and touch-points.

This new environment presents both challenges as well as major opportunities for schools and can dramatically and positively impact across communications, admissions to fundraising, general sentiment and more.

connected parents through mobile apps


The OnDigital Digital Ecosystem for Schools

Introducing a new approach: the Digital School Ecosystem

A new model to help transition schools into the digital channel - it’s what makes us different

OnDigital has partnered with some of Australia’s leading private schools considered to be at the forefront of digital transformation to develop a new model to empower schools in the digital channel. The platform beautifully integrates existing IT software as well as our pre-built modules for website, mobile apps, alumni, sports, news content and more behind one central CMS. This saves significant administration time internally, streamlines communications and content distribution and ignites measurable community participation.


One CMS integrating to Multiple platforms

The Digital Ecosystem allows you to use a single CMS to simply manage your content as well as allowing you to integrate content from other platforms if required.

Your Digital Services Partner

We go beyond designing premium websites, apps and other platforms to supporting you with a broad range of creative and technology services including social media, SEO and multimedia.

Leading Digital School Platform

We offer a single seamless platform with a broad range of modules designed to manage content, connect your school community and personalise the experience beyond expectation.

Existing Software Integration

Dealing with many leading Australian Grammar Schools we have already integrated with most of the leading software platforms including student records, eCommerce, event booking and more.