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Seamlessly integrate all existing school events into one live calendar across all devices

The OnDigital Events Calendar Module allows schools to streamline all important dates into a single resource for parents, students and the broader community. Users can personalise and filter events by type such as sport, music or major event across their mobile, tablet or browser device.

School Administrators can now simply synchronise date cards from multiple sources including Google Calendar iCal files and allow users to easily add events of interest directly into their own phone calendars with the touch of a finger.

  • Simple, effective and reliable
  • Google iCal Synchronise
  • Events Filtering
  • Push Notification
  • E-News & Calendar Integration
  • Live Content Updater

Event & Calendar Features

Simple, effective and reliable

Annual calendar events and important dates can be simply uploaded to the digital platform for access and live notification across your school community. We have built this module to apply across the ecosystem and integrate to other high value modules such as News and Mobile App.

Google iCal Synchronise

Google Calendar iCal files as well as other selected files can be easily synchronised with the OnDigital Calendar module. Duplicate entries and other faults such as missing information can be identified.

Events Filtering

Parents, teachers, students can filter and select events by a range of selection criteria including event type, date, year level and campus. Users can simply touch on the even and directly load it to their personal mobile device.

Push Notification

Selected events can be ‘push’ notified to your school community via the mobile app alerts module or email and SMS. This depends on existing IT and communication processes. This function is particularly useful when there is a need for last minute ticket sals around an event.

E-News & Calendar Integration

The OnDigital School Ecosystem recognises and reflects real time community behaviour and content consumption. The calendar module is fully integrated with News, Bulletin and event content and booking functionality.

Live Content Updater

Any changes to events or the scheduling of new occasions is a simple and seamless process. Your community will be notified of the updated information and replaced on their own personal calendars.