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Some call it the mobilepocalyse others the SEO-Pocolypse. It’s actually another Google Algorithm update that will start affecting your school’s website starting April 21st.

In short the update will make it easier for users to find web pages and search results that are optimised for mobile. The big issue is that if your school website is not responsive or mobile friendly then it will start to be ranked below those that are.

As the popularity of mobile grows and as more and more parents access information from the palm of their hand we can expect more focus around mobile devices.


Check your Google analytics to identify how many users in your community are accessing your school website via mobile. Many schools are seeing up to 50% of traffic coming from mobile.

The new algorithm operates in real time. When you update your site to become responsive, Google will recognise the change and you will start to benefit.

Remember that Google favours particular types of content as well as navigation configuration. For example video content, page load time, regular fresh content and even font size all have an impact.

We have been developing responsive website solutions for over two years now and anticipated this change. Should you need a fact sheet on this or even advice were here to help.

Rob Leishman
Technology Director

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